JR Analytics Webinars 2022

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Upcoming Webinars


Management of Bleeding in critically ill patients
21 May 2022 5-6 PM ACST

Prof Michael Reade

Royal Brisbane And Women's Hospital

Queensland, Australia

Prof David Roxby

Flinders University

South Australia, Australia


Organ donation & End of Life Care in ICU
28 May 2022 5-6 PM ACST

Dr Stewart Moodie

Medical Director,Donate Life

South Australia, Australia


Post Cardiac Surgery Management in ICU


Difficult Intubation - Anaesthesia and ICU perspective

Ambulance speeding.jpeg

Prehospital Patient Care

Past Events


Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in ICU


Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) in ICU

Bariatric Surgery.png

Interview- The guts of weight loss surgery