Intensive Care Unit 

JR Analytics offers a systematic approach to your needs by providing timely and practical advice, drawing on our advisory services. Our areas of expertise include consultation for the design of the workplace for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) including medical devices and applications evaluation for ICU.

JR Analytics also offers consultancy for review of existing ICU and timely and practical advice to assist your unit in achieving required standards.

Provide consultation about operational base and custom-built ambulance that balances safety and efficiency, equipment storage and accessibility, patient compartment design including reliable communication system.

Provide consultation for innovative medical devices and smart applications helping to optimise the quality of care in ICU. 


Medical devices such as ventilation systems and work stations with advanced software packages and smart accessories


Patient monitoring system to create workplace and workflow efficiencies to support clinical treatment and improved outcomes


Products for venous access ranging from venous catheters for peripheral venipuncture to sophisticated central venous catheters

Provide consultation about stationary, wireless and mobile monitoring solutions 

Provide customized service programs including reusable and disposables accessories and consumables such as ventilation and monitoring accessories, etc.

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