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Digital Health Consultancy Services

JR Analytics offers consultancy services focused on digital health and health technology, empowering healthcare organisations to implement innovative solutions without compromising patient care standards. 

Our consultancy services bridge the gap between clinicians and digital teams, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication to ensure that healthcare providers can leverage technology effectively and ensuring that healthcare providers can make the most of the latest technological advancements while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

Our consultancy services prioritise patient care, ensuring that all digital solutions implemented align with the highest standards of quality and patient safety, ultimately maximizing the overall quality of care delivered.

 Contact us today to learn more about our Digital Clinician Consultancy services.

image of the Director of JR Analytics

Dr Jadumani Singh is the driving force of this service because of his unique passion for both healthcare and technology. His experience in critical care in both India and Australia, including retrieval services, has provided him with a deep understanding of the healthcare system's needs. Furthermore, his involvement in health management software development and implementation allows him to provide expert advice to hospitals seeking to optimise their digital health solutions. 


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If you have software installed in your hospital but have been facing roadblocks in its implementation or progress, or if you need help with your technology implementation, we can provide optimal advice to ensure a smooth implementation process. With our medical and clinical knowledge, and healthcare workflows, we can effectively communicate the needs and requirements of both teams, ensuring that the digital or health technology solution aligns with the healthcare provider's goals and workflows. 

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