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Improving emergency preparedness planning 

Emergency preparedness planning for any event, including man-made or natural disasters, requires an assessment of the necessary supplies, equipment and resources.

A number of products and equipment such as lifesaving pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, including blood, antibiotics, clinical antidotes, antitoxins, life-support medications, airway maintenance supplies and medical-surgical items are parts of the emergency preparedness supply inventory for various disasters.


In the event of a disaster in a local area or statewide, information on essential products and equipment is critical. An app is a great way to map the blood banks and hospitals with life-saving medications and medical supplies during disaster management and planning.

The app can be made available to medical retrieval services, laboratory staff, management in SA Health and importantly readily available in Mass Casualty Incident management. 

The app will include annotation (pinning and marking) of all hospitals within the city or State. The custom annotations callouts will display the hospital name, blood bank, medications and equipment icons. Clicking the blood bank icons will display the details of blood and blood products, medications icon will list all the medications and so on. 

Contact us to design and develop a customised app for you and your organisation. 

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