Pre-hospital Care 

Pre-hospital care is medical care given to patients before arrival in the hospital after activation of emergency medical services. Care of seriously injured patients start at the scene of the injury and for severely injured patients acting quickly in the prehospital period is crucial with decisions and interventions affecting outcomes. It is a crucial period when irreversible pathology and secondary injury to neurological and cardiac tissue can be prevented.

JR Analytics offers a systematic approach to your needs by providing timely and practical advice, drawing on our advisory services. Our areas of expertise include consultation for setting up a 24-hour emergency medical retrieval service by ambulance responsible for providing critical care and safe transfer. 

Ambulance Design

Provide consultation about operational base and custom-built ambulance that balances safety and efficiency, equipment storage and accessibility, patient compartment design including reliable communication system.


Staff training & workshop

Provide consultation for appropriate training in patient transport, regular safety and other operational training


Pre-hospital notification

Pre-hospital notification through MedEMR mobile app for use by ambulance personnel to notify the emergency department of an impending admission or advanced lifesaving assistance. 


Medical Devices

Provide consultation for innovative medical devices and smart applications helping to optimise the quality of care during patient transport.

Appropriate equipment including respiratory, circulatory support equipment, pharmacological agents including blood (O Negative Red cells)