Executive Team


Dr Jadumani Singh, Director

JR Analytics Pty Ltd

Jadumani Singh leads the vision at JR Analytics. Jaduman Singh is a doctor with a combined passion for healthcare and technology. He has extensive experience in critical care both in India and Australia including retrieval services. Other than his clinical experience, he has a keen interest in digital health and its implementation in clinical care.

IT Team- Headway Techies


Prantik Dasgupta, CTO & Director

Prantik Dasguptas  is CTO & Director of Headway Techies, and  is responsible for establishing

the overall technology vision, strategies and plans for Headway Techies's business growth.

He has extensive experience in E-Commerce, Native & Hybrid Mobile Apps Development, Customised Web Development, AWS Cloud, Agile Development, Travel & Hospitality domain, Finance (Foreign Exchange) domain and Telecom (Test & Measurement) domain.


Yogita Ambre, Founder & Director

Yogita is the founder of Headway Techies, a privately held IT Solution Provider firm in Mumbai formed in 2014. Yogita is responsible for running the business at high standards and ensuring high productivity. Her role involves developing both business and marketing strategies that help to grow the business.

She has extensive experience in Customised Web Development, AWS Cloud, Agile Development, Travel & Hospitality domain, VOIP/Telecommunication domain.