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ICU Interventions

ICU interventions refer to the various medical procedures and treatments provided to patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). These interventions aim to stabilise, manage, and improve the health condition of critically ill patients. Some common ICU interventions include mechanical ventilation, haemodynamic support, renal replacement therapy and many more.

By conducting the ICU Intervention Audit, healthcare professionals can identify areas for improvement in the delivery of interventions. This includes assessing factors such as the appropriateness of interventions, adherence to protocols and guidelines, documentation accuracy, and patient response to interventions.

The audit serves as a quality assurance measure, helping identify potential gaps or variations in practice and promoting standardised, evidence-based ICU interventions. It enables healthcare teams to identify opportunities to enhance the delivery of care, improve patient safety, and optimize outcomes.

 It serves as a valuable tool for monitoring and enhancing the quality of care provided in the ICU setting.


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