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Medical Applications & Solutions

JR Analytics specialises in developing customised mobile applications tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our team of experienced developers and designers work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and objectives, ensuring that the resulting apps are both functional and user-friendly.

We offer a range of ready-made apps that cater to common healthcare needs. These pre-built apps provide a faster and more cost-effective solution for clients who require standard functionalities or features. These apps can be easily customised to incorporate branding elements and specific requirements, allowing clients to quickly deploy a solution that meets their needs.



PulsEMR app is for paramedics and retrieval personnel transferring patients from trauma site or home or hospital to destination hospital.

The app assists pre-hospital documentation that produces a complete legible pre-hospital record with instantaneous access to the data. The app captures patient details, and assessments including vital signs and injuries captured during the event flow through to the hospitals through a webpage solution, thus providing early and effective management of patients and decreasing mortality and morbidity.


An app developed for medical professionals and paramedics to provide prehospital notification to the destination hospitals during patient transfers from one hospital to another or from trauma site to hospitals. The app collects ambulance dispatch details, basic patient identifiers, vital signs and push-derived information to designated receivers.

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Interpreting TEM

iTEM app is a mobile application developed for health professionals to assist with the education of Rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM). The app includes a training module with information around the principles of thromboelastometry, ROTEM assays and parameters including interpretation of ROTEM traces.

The app also includes an algorithm module which will be available for use very soon.

Inventory App

A prototype mobile application to effectively locate and access blood banks, essential medications, and critical equipment within hospitals in your city, state, or country is a valuable initiative for enhancing disaster management capabilities. This app would serve as a crucial resource during emergencies.

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