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Tips & Tricks- CVC

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Inserting a CVC line

24 March 2022

Author: Dr Jadumani Singh

Disclaimer: The information contained does not serve as a standard of medical care, this is from the author's personal clinical experience.

Sites and types

Internal jugular (IJV)

Left and right Subclavian (SCV)

Femoral vein (FV)

Central venous cannulation - any of the above sites

Pulmonary artery catheterisation - Internal Jugular(IJ) and Subclavian veins (SCV)- Preferably the right IJ or the left SCV veins because of their anatomical position and accessible routes to the right ventricle and pulmonary artery.

Vascath or dialysis catheter (usually 2 lumens) - they are primarily bored, preferable sites are the IJ or the femoral veins. Senior intensivists or trainees mostly use subclavian cannulation with expertise.

Temporary pacemaker insertion - most commonly the internal jugular on the right, but both IJ and subclavian are used. The left subclavian is usually left untouched in ICU for a permanent pacemaker if required.

Before Starting

Trolley set up


During procedure


Audit tool


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