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In a world where digital solutions dominate, we recognise that not everyone has access to advanced apps for tracking medications, blood sugar, and blood pressure. That's where MyHealthBook comes in—a simple yet effective paper-based health book designed to help individuals take control of their health data

MyHealthBook bridges the gap between modern health tracking and those without access to digital tools. Whether you're in remote areas or simply prefer tangible records, this health book is a reliable solution. With dedicated sections for medications, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure readings, MyHealthBook ensures all crucial health data is systematically documented. 


Our health book is designed with simplicity in mind. Just flip, record, and fold—it's that easy to keep a comprehensive record of your health journey. To make it even more accessible, we've designed MyHealthBook to fit on a single piece of paper. Simply print on both sides, short side flip, and fold to create your personal health companion. MyHealthBook puts the power of health tracking in your hands. By actively participating in your health management, you become an advocate for your own well-being. 


For those caring for loved ones, MyHealthBook simplifies the process of monitoring their health and aids in effective communication with healthcare providers. Keep your MyHealthBook handy during medical appointments to provide accurate and up-to-date information to your healthcare provider.

First page of MyHealth Book
First page of MyHealth Book
Second and third page of MyHealth Book
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