Our areas of expertise include

Evaluation of medical devices and applications for Intensive care units


Setting up operational and functional intensive care unit and pre-hospital care​

Education & Information

JR Analytics provide general information and educational tools and audits to help understand various procedures performed in Intensive Care Units and pre-hospital setting

Apps and Solutions

All of our apps, whether bespoke or self-developed, including both published and in the prototype phase, focus on helping patients and health professionals.  All prototypes are first designed and researched in-house, which includes content and medical illustrations. The prototypes are then passed on to software developers for completion.


JR Analytics provides consultancy services that provide various technology and services to achieve the best in healthcare, to meet the complex governance and organisational requirements of today's healthcare system.

JR Analytics offer timely and practical advice to assist you in helping achieve your goals.


MedEMR App 

Watch the video that explains how to use MedEMR app



Stop the spread - Corona Virus

Together we can stop the spread of COVID 19. There are several ways to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Practice good hand hygiene, social distancing and 




Medication and Vitals Log

Keep track of your medications and health information through easy to use My HealthBook


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