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Medical Applications & Solutions

All of our applications, whether bespoke or self-developed, including both published and in the prototype phase, provide innovative and effective solutions that enhance patient care and improve outcomes.  We work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that address their specific needs and requirements. ​

JR Analytics follows an in-house design and research process, which involves creating content and medical illustrations. Once designed, the prototypes are then handed over to software developers for completion. This approach ensures that the apps are well-researched, user-friendly, and serve the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.



Digital Health

JR Analytics offers digital health consultancy services. We understand the complexities of hospital software systems. JR Analytics plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between healthcare and digital teams, ensuring a smooth implementation process.


With our expertise in data analysis and healthcare workflows, we can effectively communicate the needs and requirements of both teams, ensuring that the digital solution aligns with the healthcare provider's goals and workflows.

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Education & Training

 JR Analytics Medical & Health eLearning is the one-stop eLearning platform that provides a comprehensive eLearning platform that caters to diverse medical topics, providing valuable insights and knowledge to learners.

 Additionally, we provide access to general information, educational tools, and audits to assist in understanding various procedures carried out in pre-hospital and intensive care settings.

ICU360Connect is an online hub for dedicated ICU professionals, this platform offers comprehensive clinical resources, from the latest research and guidelines to various audits that enhance patient outcomes. It also offers the opportunity to participate in discussion forums, where a global community of critical care experts collaborates, shares experiences, and seeks solutions. 


Critical Care & Prehospital Care Set Up

JR Analytics offers various services, including evaluating medical devices and applications for Intensive Care Units (ICUs). We understand the importance of effective and efficient care in these critical settings and work closely with medical professionals to identify the best solutions for their patients.

We also specialise in setting up operational and functional intensive care units and pre-hospital care, providing guidance and support. Our team has extensive experience in ICU management and can provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each facility.

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