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Our areas of expertise include

Evaluation of medical devices and applications for Intensive care units


Setting up operational and functional intensive care unit and pre-hospital care​


Apps and Solutions

All of our apps, whether bespoke or self-developed, including both published and in the prototype phase, focus on helping patients and health professionals.  All prototypes are first designed and researched in-house, which includes content and medical illustrations. The prototypes are then passed on to software developers for completion.


Education & Information

JR Analytics provide general information and educational tools and audits to help understand various procedures performed in Intensive Care Units and pre-hospital setting

Featured Items


Pre-hospital care

Ambulance design, pre-hospital notification, training workshops, and medical devices



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MedEMR App 

Watch the video that explains how to use MedEMR app


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Medication and Vitals Log

Keep track of your medications and health information through easy to use My HealthBook