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Hot Case Programme Pro

An app for Intensive care Trainees in Australia to complete a formative assessment, which is a clinical assessment of critically ill patients for their second part examination of the College of Intensive Care Medicine.


Emergency Response App

Ambulance and retrieval services in Australia and all around the world provide emergency medical assistance, treatment and transport and care to the critically ill and injured patients daily. Pre-hospital patient care data is critical for communicating important patient details and vital signs in pre-hospital settings to hospital-based health care providers, mainly in the emergency department and helps in medical decision making.


Our solution Emergency Response Care is a mobile pre-hospital management system to automate pre-hospital documentation that produces a complete, legible pre-hospital record and instantaneous access to the data. The solution will have an ambulance and retrieval module, which will be available as a mobile app to capture data. Our solution will help document process as it occurs in real-time throughout the emergency event continuum from home/trauma site to hospital. Patient details and assessment captured during the event will automatically flow through to the hospitals.


ICU Care

An Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a special department of a hospital care facility that provides critical care and life support for an acutely ill patient. We are developing a management solution called ICU Care Solution that will deliver a variety of innovative parts to fill the gaps in ICU documentation. It will be a cloud-based information management system to automate patient episode documentation, including patient treatment and management to medications, interventions and more. The solution will allow instantaneous access to the data captured and provide the ability to create dashboards and reports on data elements and ICU metrics. 



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