IV Infusion Calculator

  • Applicable for Adrenalin, Nor adrenalin, Dobutamine, Dopamine, Milirnone

  • For e.g for a required concentration of Adrenalin of 60 microgram/ml, in a patient weighing 70 kg using a dose of 0.1 mcg, the infusion rate would be 7ml/hr.

  • On the other hand if infusion rate is known and one would like to know the dose being used, use column "Dose calculation from iV infusion". Get the required drug concentration by filling in the first 2 rows. Fill in the infusion rate and patient's weight to get the used dose.


Below is a snapshot of Procedure Log Sheet.

 Download the Excel sheet by clicking on the download icon  and use it to keep a log of all the procedures performed.

An app is being developed which can be used to log in all the ICU procedures.


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