Improving emergency communications

PulsEMR is an app and a hospital solution developed by JR Analytics for medical professionals and paramedics to provide prehospital notifications to the destination hospitals during patient transfers from home, trauma sites and another hospital. The app collects ambulance dispatch details, basic patient identifiers, vital signs, suspected injuries and interventions performed during transfer and push derived information to designated receivers. 


 The mobile application can be accessed by an emergency medical technician via a unique login and registration. The dashboard can be accessed in the hospital on a webpage or on on the app.



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Pre-hospital notification

Prehospital notification of the impending arrival of a patient requiring emergency care is seen as an integral component of an advanced prehospital care system. The effect of prehospital notification has been evaluated in many areas of healthcare including stroke, coronary heart disease and, trauma. Prehospital notification alone has been found to be independently associated with reduced mortality in trauma centres*.

The prehospital notification provides the opportunity for the receiving hospital to improve preparedness for reception and resuscitation of a critically injured or unwell patient. The information communicated may include the estimated arrival time, patient demographics, suspected injuries, vital signs, symptoms and any treatments provided in the prehospital setting. Some notification is common in highly developed trauma systems, usually by radio to the triage desk of the receiving hospital, although standards have not been set for the format or content of communicated information.


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